Can I just be an angel for one night?
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Can I just be an angel for one night?

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#fitspo #thinspiration #abs #fit

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#motivation #thinspiration #blackandwhite

This is by far the best thinspiration blog i have ever laid my eyes on. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful motivational guide i can always turn to. XOXOXO.

Awhh thankyou for making my heart feel so warm :3


Heya :)

The girls in your pics are all gorgeous but I know for a fact that the one time I was as skinny as most of them I was underweight/anemic/my period stopped/etc. Could it just be my body type isn't meant to be so skinny? If so, any tips on how to still look toned and pretty? :(

It all really depends on your body type definitely. If youre on the taller side and are as skinny as some of these girls than that could definitely lead to the complications you had. There is a difference between being toned and being very skinny. Remember to eat from every food group and drink lots of water! If you workout make sure to not only do cardio but to do some weight training as well. This helps tone your body as well as adding muscle so your body doesnt only just lose fat but gains muscle as well which is a major part in a toned body :)

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none of these photos are mine unless i state otherwise.
This is a thinspo page and I know there are gonna be haters out there but I'm doing this for myself and girls like me, who just want to finally feel confident in our own bodies.
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